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At Gateway Performance, we are a group of avid automobile enthusiasts specializing in the sale of high-performance cars, vintage street rods, collectible muscle cars, and exotic autos. If you have an interest in collectible cars and an appreciation for classic automobiles that stand out from the herd due to their sheer power, excellence, and history, Gateway Performance is a one-stop dealer for you.

We are the only Shelby dealership in the state of Missouri, and are extremely proud of our relationship with the legendary American manufacturer. We have the Shelby Cobra for sale, along with a host of other top of the line Shelby cars, classic automobiles, and rare or collectible cars. Our association with Shelby goes beyond selling their vastly popular lines of new and reproduction cars, and includes supplying a variety of authentic Shelby equipment and parts.

To learn more about us and our available cars including the Shelby Cobra for sale, contact our representatives at 1-800-9SHELBY or by completing the form below. 

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    Our Services: Shelby Cobras for Sale & More

    Authorized Dealer of New Shelby Cars in the Midwest

    The legacy of Carroll Shelby lives on with the cars that bear the legendary American auto designer and manufacture’s name. Many vintage Shelby cars set the bar for muscle cars in their day and the latest model cars and reproduction models available from Shelby American today are defining standards for high-performance automobiles all over again. From the pure muscle GT350 to the classic Shelby Daytona Coupe reproduction, the current crop of Shelby cars is designed to rule the road.

    At Gateway Performance, we have a complete selection of Shelby cars for sale including both new and reproduction models. These include:

    Authorized Sellers of Shelby Wheels, Parts, and Equipment

    Superior quality, Shelby wheels and auto accessories have been crucial components of many motor vehicles for many decades now. Whether you are restoring a classic or modding a new Shelby mustang, Shelby parts are the best you can find. We supply genuine Shelby wheels as well as other parts and equipment designed by Shelby to keep your cars and trucks looking awesome and running smoothly. With this wide selection of parts and accessories, we offer much more than the Shelby Cobra for sale, making us your number one source.

    We Sell Vintage Roadsters, Collectible High-Performance Cars, and Exotic Autos – Find a Classic Shelby Cobra for Sale

    Selling vintage cars, rare and hard to find models, and collectible high-performance cars is another of our specialties. Whether you are looking for a specific model or you believe that you will ‘know it when you see it’, we can help you find the car of your dreams. Contact us to learn about our current collection of vintage cars available including that classic Shelby Cobra for sale.

    We Buy Vintage Roadsters, Collectible High-Performance Cars, and Exotic Autos

    We are always looking for opportunities to buy vintage rods, collectible high-performance street and racing cars, and exotic automobiles to add to our present collection. If you have a classic, rare, or collectible car that you wish to sell, we will be happy to buy it.

    Buying Our Cars & Shelby Cobras for Sale: Purchasing Information

    Interested in buying a car from us? If you are in the local St. Louis area, you can schedule an appointment to come by our showroom to see the cars we have for sale. We are located at 622 A Goddard Ave, Chesterfield, MO 63005. For those located across the state or throughout the country, our sales representatives would be happy to talk with you about the cars we have available. We can show you numerous photos and provide detailed descriptions about any of the cars we have for sale. We can answer any questions to help you select the best car. Our primary goal is to make sure you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

    Completing the Purchase Process

    Once you have decided to buy a car, we will email or fax all the relevant documents to you for your signature. There are no hidden costs associated with our buying process, nor do we charge any document fees. We do not charge tax, and you pay any taxes due when you register your vehicle. We have flexible payment options that include cash, check, cashier’s check, or bank wire transfer.

    We Deliver Directly to You

    After we receive the signed documents and payment for the car, we will make arrangements to have your vehicle delivered directly to your doorstep.

    Interested in Finding The Shelby Cobra for Sale? Contact Us Today!

    With an exciting collection of vintage high-performance cars, collectible cars, and exotic autos available for sale as well as a variety of Shelby Cobras for sale as the only authorized Shelby dealership in Missouri, we are your number one source for all types of collectible and classic cars in Missouri and the Midwest. Call us today at 1-800-9SHELBY (800-974-3529) to speak to one of our sales professionals and find out more about the cars we have available for sale.