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Shelby AC Cobra

Shelby AC Cobra Cars for Sale from Gateway Performance

The AC Cobra was first introduced in 1962 as a collaboration between Ford and British car manufacturer, AC. The car was then and still is considered to be one of the most powerful and quick cars on the road. Today, Shelby manufactures modern reproductions of this classic muscle car that still offer the classic design and power of the original 1962 model.

At Gateway Performance, we are the only authorized Shelby dealer in Missouri. We sell new Shelby AC Cobra models as well as classic models. As one of Missouri’s leading classic and vintage car dealerships, we not only offer AC Cobras and Shelby Cobras for sale, but we also offer everything from vintage cars and pre-owned models to merchandise, original components, and more! If you live in and around the St. Louis area or anywhere in the Midwest, call us today at 1-800-9SHELBY to speak with one of our sales representatives.

Why Buy Your Shelby AC Cobra from Gateway Performance?

As a leading dealership for exotic, classic, and vintage cars, Gateway Performance takes pride in being the best and only registered Shelby dealership in the state. Regardless of where you live in Missouri, you can count on us to deliver authentic, original, and quality Shelby cars, parts, and components. Here are some reasons why you should rely on us for all of your Shelby AC Cobra needs.  

  • Top Shelby Cobra dealer in the state
  • Missouri’s only Authorized seller of Shelby cars
  • Authentic Shelby merchandise dealer
  • Convenient pickup or delivery for Missouri and out of state customers
  • 100% transparency in purchase
  • Range of extended classic car services available

We cater to auto enthusiasts and Shelby AC Cobra lovers all over the state by offering quality, authentic, and registered parts and automobiles. We can also help you to purchase or sell a car in a simple, convenient, and hassle-free manner. If you are looking for classic and exotic car experts in Missouri, we can help.

About The Shelby AC Cobra

The Shelby AC Cobra is a popular classic muscle car model. Originally designed in 1962, Shelby AC Cobras are now available as reproductions. Both the original classic models and the reproductions of this car remain popular among auto enthusiasts. The following are some specifications for Shelby AC Cobra:

  • 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds
  • 0 liter engine
  • 5-speed transmission
  • 8 cylinder V8 engine
  • Weight: 2.355 lbs

History of the Shelby AC Cobra

Being one of the oldest manufacturers of cars and automobiles in Britain, AC has been known for some of the most iconic designs and models like the Shelby AC Cobra. This model is known for its style, power, speed, and performance. However, it is surprising to know that AC did not always produce muscle cars. In production since 1904, AC was founded by John Weller and first manufactured delivery vehicles known as the Autocarrier. This single cylinder 5.6hp engine soon have way to the iconic name Autocarriers Limited i.e. AC.

During the two World Wars as well as the Great Depression in 1929, AC suffered through dips in production and sales. However, the resilient carmaker succeeded in producing lightweight four wheelers like Aceca and the AC Ace. In 1961, AC began collaborating with Ford to bring about revolutionary changes in the current lineup of 4-wheelers. This collaboration led to the Shelby AC Cobra, known to be among the most brutal, quick, and power sports cars on road at its time.        

Since 1962, Shelby AC Cobra has been intermittently produced, with automakers releasing continued versions of the classic 1962 model. Apart from the classic make and design of AC Cobra, this automobile was also released as coupes like the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe in 1964 and the Willment / Ghia Coupe in 1965.

Buy Your New Shelby AC Cobra Today!

Want to explore your options with the powerful and stylish Shelby AC Cobra? Get in touch with the expert sales representatives at Gateway Performance today. For more information on the Shelby AC Cobra or any cars we have for sale, call us at 1-800-9SHELBY or contact us online to learn more!