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Shelby Wheels

Buy Authentic Shelby Wheels from Gateway Performance

When it comes to buying new parts and wheels for your Shelby Mustang or other classic cars, nothing beats authentic Shelby wheels. The Carroll Shelby signature wheels series includes a wide range of wheels. Available in many styles and sizes, Shelby wheels offer unmatched styling, outstanding performance, and exceptional quality.

Gateway Performance is the only authorized dealership of Shelby cars in the state of Missouri and a proud Shelby parts supplier serving the entire Midwest. In addition to supplying genuine Shelby equipment and parts, our team of automotive experts specializes in exotic American cars, vintage street-rods, and collectible high-performance cars for sale. To learn more about our services and our Shelby Cobras for sale contact us at 1-800-9SHELBY. You can also shop our online store to buy authentic Shelby wheels and parts.

Types of Shelby Wheels

Mustang Wheels – Shelby Mustang wheels are easily among the most popular wheels for Shelby Mustangs and other classic Shelby cars. If you own a Shelby Mustang or another classic Shelby car, there is no need to look beyond the Shelby signature collection of wheels. Featuring bold and aggressive designs, these wheels can make your car look and ride amazing, whether it is in the city streets or on the racetracks.

At Gateway Performance, you will find a huge selection of Shelby wheels including models such as: CS1, CS40, CS56, CS66, CS67, CS69, and CS70. Whether you are looking for a specific finish and design or you have unique size constraints, our incredibly varied range of Shelby wheels is sure to meet your requirements.

Truck Wheels – Designed to provide your truck with a unique look and style, high-quality Carroll Shelby wheels offer splendid performance for years to come. At Gateway Performance, our selection of Shelby truck wheels includes a variety of styles including the CS48 (perfect for a F250/F350 Super Duty) and CS46 (ideal for the F150) available in both chrome and black.

What Makes Shelby Wheels Special?

  • Top Quality and High Performance – Shelby wheels offer superior quality that has been put to the test over many years. These wheels offer precise innovative design and are built to deliver supreme performance on the track or the street.
  • Unique Design – Built on a long tradition of developing stylish and memorable muscle cars, Shelby wheels offer unique styling and design. With many designs and finishes to choose from, authentic Shelby wheels can compliment any Mustang or classic car.
  • The Shelby Brand – The trust and confidence that the Shelby brand maintains across auto enthusiasts throughout the country is a tribute to Shelby’s high standards and unwavering commitment to giving the American public nothing but the best in automobiles and equipment. This carries through to each set of Shelby wheels produced.

The Shelby Legacy

A true legend of American high-performance cars, Carroll Shelby transformed car design and manufacturing in the country. Rising from humble beginnings to create iconic cars such as the Shelby Daytona Coupe, the fast and furious Shelby Cobra, and numerous other high-performance racing cars, Carroll Shelby has left behind a rich and wonderful legacy.

Carroll Shelby was an esteemed racer, but it was designing automobiles and automotive components that made him one of the most recognized names of the American automobile industry. Integrating the aerodynamics and design of racecars with safety features needed for the streets, Shelby fashioned a breed of muscle cars that are still in great demand.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Shelby Wheels for Sale

If you are looking for wheels that offer both style and functionality for your Mustang or muscle car, our authentic Shelby wheels are the right choice. Shop our selection of available Shelby wheels online or contact us today to learn more about Shelby wheels and see the models that we have available.